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KB Electronics - SIRC Bi-Polar Signal Isolator (KBRC)
Price: $144.72
KB Electronics - SIRC Bi-Polar Signal Isolator (KBRC)
The SIRC (Part No. 8842) is used with the KBRC-240D Full-Wave 4-Quadrant Regenerative Drive to isolate, amplify and condition DC voltage signals from any source (tach-generators, transducers, PLCs and potentiometers). It also provides an isolated input to control motor direction and an isolated power supply for transducer or potentiometer operation. All input connections are isolated from the AC line and motor wiring. The SIRC installs easily on the inside front cover and is wired with quick-connect terminals. The SIRC features include a power on LED, barrier terminal block to facilitate wiring, adjustable multi-turn trimpots (MAX, OFFSET) and an enable circuit to start and stop the control electronically with a contact closure. 
ITEM # 8842
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