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KB Electronics - KBMM-225D
Price: $193.32
KB Electronics - KBMM-225D
The KBMM full-wave, variable speed, DC motor control offers the user the ultimate in reliability and performance at an affordable price. The control contains a unique, superfast, Direct-Fed current limit circuit that helps to protect the SCR power bridge against direct shorts2. The reliability of the KBMM is further enhanced with the use of high-surge, 25A SCR’s and line and armature fusing3. The KBMM is fitted with KB’s exclusive Plug-in Horsepower Resistor®3. It eliminates the need for recalibrating IR Comp and Current Limit when the control is used on various horsepower motors. In addition, the rating of the control can be extended to 11/2 Hp at 115V and 3 Hp at 230V by the use of KB’s auxiliary heatsink. 
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