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KB Electronics - KBPW-240D (White)
Price: $504.36
KB Electronics - KBPW-240D (White)
The KBPW-240D is a PWM (pulse width modulated) control in a NEMA-4X / IP-65 washdown and watertight enclosure designed to operate Permanent Magnet and Shunt Wound motors through 7.5 Amps DC. Standard front panel features include diagnostic LEDs (for power on, stop, and overload), Start/Stop switch, and Speed potentiometer. Other features include barrier terminal blocks to facilitate wiring, adjustable trimpots (accel, decel, max speed, min speed, current limit, timed CL, IR comp, and jog speed), customer selectable jumpers (motor voltage, motor current, timed current limit, and tach voltage), and an output run relay. Optional accessories include Fwd-Brk-Rev Switch, On/Off AC Line Switch, Run-Stop-Jog Switch, Signal Isolator, and an Anti-plug Reversing Module. Quick-connect terminals are provided for easy installation of all accessories. 
Shipping Weight  5.4
ITEM # 8402
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