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KB Electronics - KBWM-240
Price: $160.92
KB Electronics - KBWM-240
The KBWM Vari-Drive adjustable speed SCR control for DC motors offers proven reliability in a rugged all-metal NEMA-1 enclosure. The Vari-Drives are equipped with the ultimate KBMM speed control module. They are specifically designed for fractional horsepower permanent magnet (PM) DC motors. Two models are offered. The KBWM-120 is designed for 115 VAC input and is rated 1/100 - 1/3Hp at 90 VDC. For motors rated 1/50 - 3/4 Hp at 180 VDC use Model KBWM-240. KB’s exclusive Plug-in Horsepower Resistor automatically presets the drive’s IR Comp and CL circuits for safe operation on various motors. Although factory calibrated, internal trimpots for Min, Max, IR, CL, Accel and Decel can be used to fine-tune the KBWM for specific applications. Connections to the control are via a barrier terminal block. By changing the orientation of the front cover, the wiring can be brought in either from the bottom or the top of the control. 
Shipping Weight  1.6
ITEM # 9381
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