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KB Electronics - KBRG-255
Price: $694.44
KB Electronics - KBRG-255
The KBRG-255 is a full-wave regenerative drive capable of operating DC PM or Shunt motors in a bidirectional mode. Its 4-quadrant operation provides forward and reverse torque in both speed directions. This allows the control to maintain constant speed with overhauling loads and provides rapid instant reversing and controlled braking. Because of its excellent controllability and response time, the KBRG-255 can replace servos in many applications. The control is factory set for armature feedback, which provides up to 1% load regulation over a motor base speed of 50:1. However, tachometer feedback is also available if superior regulation is required. By resetting mode jumper J7 to the “TRQ” position, the KBRG-255 can be changed from a speed control to a torque control. The drive contains a variety of “selectable” jumpers and adjustment trimpots to allow custom tailoring for exact requirements. For example: jumper J6, when placed in the “TCL” position, provides adjustable timed current limit from 1 to 15 seconds. This feature will protect the motor and control by shutting the drive down after the preset time has elapsed. The KBRG-255 can be operated with either a two (2) or three (3) wire start/stop circuit, or can be started from the AC line. A set of dedicated relay contacts are provided which are activated via the start/stop circuit. They can be used to turn on or off corresponding equipment or to sound an alarm if the drive stops. 
Shipping Weight  7.4
ITEM # 8821
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