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KB Electronics - KBCC-255
Price: $471.96
KB Electronics - KBCC-255
CHASSIS MOUNT PENTA-DRIVE Variable Speed-Torque SCR DC Motor Control for Shunt Wound and PM Motors. The KBCC 5-Hp chassis control utilizes the KBMM modular control to provide a reliable variable speed SCR drive for PM and Shunt DC motors. The KBCC is a full-featured control offering adjustable linear acceleration and deceleration functions. In addition, the control contains Enable (close to run) and Inhibit (close to stop) circuitry. An exclusive feature found only in KB drives is Auto Inhibit. It provides a smooth, safe start during rapid switching of the AC line. The KBCC-255 is factory wired for armature feedback which, for most applications, provides excellent performance. For superior performance, the control can easily be converted to DC tachometer feedback. Provision is made for both 7V and 50V per 1000 RPM tachs. Reliability is enhanced by incorporating a separate 42.5 AMP DC power bridge and both armature and control circuit fusing. 
Shipping Weight  4.9
ITEM # 9940
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