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KB Electronics - KBVF-24D
Price: $236.52
KB Electronics - KBVF-24D
The KBVF Adjustable Frequency Drives provide variable speed control for standard 208-230 and 400/460 Volt 50 & 60 Hz 3-phase & PSC AC induction motors from subfractional thru 5 HP. The sine wave coded Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) output operates at a carrier frequency of 16 kHz, which provides high motor efficiency and low noise. Adjustable linear acceleration and deceleration are provided, making the drive suitable for softstart applications. Due to its user-friendly design, the KBVF is easy to install and operate. Tailoring to specific applications is accomplished with selectable jumpers and trimpots, which eliminate the computer-like programming required on other drives. However, for most applications no adjustments are necessary. For more advanced programming, PC based Drive-Link software is available. 
Shipping Weight  2.75
ITEM # 9979
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