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KB Electronics - KBWT-110
Price: $230.04
KB Electronics - KBWT-110
Specifically Designed For DC Motors That Require a 1.0 Form Factor Provides Quieter and Cooler Motor Operation and Extended Brush Life Replaces Costly Choke & Capacitor FilteringThe KBWT Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) DC motor speed controls provide excellent dynamic response to load variation. The efficient PWM waveform produces an almost pure DC current to the motor (form factor < 1.05), which has several advantages over a conventional SCR control. PWM significantly lowers audible motor noise and provides longer brush life. It also produces less motor heating allowing a smaller, less costly motor to be used for most applications. Another advantage of PWM is higher output voltage, which provides increased output speed. In addition, pulse-by-pulse current sensing provides short circuit protection and prevents control damage due to shorted motors. 
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