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KB Electronics - KBSI-240D
Price: $152.28
KB Electronics - KBSI-240D
The Model KBSI-240D Signal Isolator provides an isolated interface between non-isolated signals and KB motor speed controls. Signal sources include process controllers, transducers, microprocessors and programmable controllers. The maximum output voltage of the KBSI is 10 volts, which is a linear function of the input. The unit is versatile, since a single model accepts a wide range of voltage (0-25, 0-120 and 0-550VDC) and current (1-5, 4-20 and 10-50mA) signals, multi-turn trimpots are provided for Min and Max. The KBSI can be operated from either 115V or 230VAC 50/60Hz. Dimensions: 2.7" x 4.8" x 1.1". DC motor controller models to use with: KBMM KBIC KBCC KBPB KBPC KBRG KBWD 
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