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KB Electronics - KBCC-240D
Price: $264.60
KB Electronics - KBCC-240D
CHASSIS MOUNT PENTA-DRIVE Variable Speed-Torque SCR DC Motor Control for Shunt Wound and PM Motors. The KBPC state-of-the-art electronics include short circuit and transient protection to provide the ultimate in reliability. Electronics overload protection is also provided, which prevents motor burnout and demagnetization of PM motors. The control can be operated in either the speed or torque mode via a jumper selection. The current range, which is also jumper selectable, eliminates the necessity for calibration of IR compensation and current limit for most applications. The KBCC also contains jumper selections for AC line voltage (115/230), DC armature voltage (90/180) and feedback type (armature/tachometer). Standard features include Armature Fusing, Electronic Start/Stop and LED Indicator Array for Power On, Stop and “Overload.” 
Shipping Weight  3.4
ITEM # 9947
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