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Don't forget your HP Resistor!

Most KB Electronics / Penta Power motor controllers require a horse power sizing resistor in order to operate.

Quantity Unit
Total Description    
$14.45$14.45KB Electronics - Replacement Potentiometer Kit for NEMA-4X Controls
$386.75$386.75KB Electronics - KBRC-240D (White)
$147.90$147.90KB Electronics - KBVF-23D
$221.03$221.03KB Electronics - KBWT-210
$454.75$454.75KB Electronics - KBDA-27D-GRAY
$4.25$4.25KB Electronics - Line / Armature Fuse (15.0 AC / 10.0 DC) Amp
$510.00$510.00KB Electronics - KBDA-48-WHITE
$50.15$50.15KB Electronics - KBMG Multi Speed Board
$476.00$476.00KB Electronics - KBDA-45-GRAY
$42.88$42.88KB Electronics - Multi-Speed Board (KBVF)
$104.55$104.55KB Electronics - KBWD-13
$5.53$5.53KB Electronics - KBMM FSC (Finger Safe Cover)
$120.70$120.70KB Electronics - KBWD-16
$174.25$174.25KB Electronics - KBVF-24
$19.93$19.93KB Electronics - Forward-Stop-Reverse Switch Kit (KBAC)
$475.15$475.15KB Electronics - KBPI-240D-BLACK
$412.25$412.25KB Electronics - KBVF-48/SIVFR
$4.25$4.25KB Electronics - Line / Armature Fuse (20.0 AC / 12.0 DC) Amp
$94.78$94.78KB Electronics - IODA Option Board
$152.15$152.15KB Electronics - KBMM-225D
$346.80$346.80KB Electronics - KBCC-225R
$6.38$6.38KB Electronics - KB Knob Kit (Large)
$2.10$2.10KB Electronics - Line / Armature Fuse (2.5 AC / 1.7 DC) Amp
$245.65$245.65KB Electronics - KBRG-212D
$454.75$454.75KB Electronics - KBAC-29-WHITE
$371.45$371.45KB Electronics - KBCC-255
$329.80$329.80KB Electronics - KBRC-240D (Black)
$70.04$70.04KB Electronics - RFAC-3PS CE Approved 3-Phase AC Line Filter
$99.45$99.45KB Electronics - SI-6 Signal Isolator (KBMM)
$271.15$271.15KB Electronics - KBMK-24DF
$4.25$4.25KB Electronics - Line / Armature Fuse (4.0 AC / 2.5 DC) Amp
$2.10$2.10KB Electronics - Line / Armature Fuse (0.5 AC / 0.33 DC) Amp
$112.20$112.20KB Electronics - KBIC-240
$112.20$112.20KB Electronics - KBIC-240-DS
$208.25$208.25KB Electronics - KBCC-240D
$216.75$216.75KB Electronics - KBMA-24DF
$165.75$165.75KB Electronics - KBMD-240D
$252.45$252.45KB Electronics - KBMK-24D
$39.95$39.95KB Electronics - KBRF-200A AC Line Filter (Class A)
$158.95$158.95KB Electronics - KBWS-22D
$142.80$142.80KB Electronics - KBVF-23
$433.50$433.50KB Electronics - KBAC-27D (Black)
$497.25$497.25KB Electronics - KBDA-48-GRAY
$327.25$327.25KB Electronics - KBDA-24D-GRAY
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Sub Total   $8,742.92